The Hotel "Spia di Italia" offers nature and sight-seeing guides for all your needs. Our Guides accompany Hotel guests on board the tour bus and escort them during the whole length of the excursion.
Shuttle bus with 9 seats (8 + 1 driver or 7 + 1 driver and 1 tour guide) which can also transport 9 bicycles (city and mountain bikes);
Guided tripsto the discovery of the soothing moraine hills. All the itineraries arranged can be toured either with the shuttle bus alone or with shuttle bus + bike. All the excursions can be customized as you best wish to fit your particular needs,
Technical assistance
guaranteed non-stop throughout the entire excursion.
Rental options
city bike, mountain bike, race bike, and excursion gear.
Places you can visit
all the towns around Lake Garda, either with shuttle bus alone or with shuttle bus + bike.
Other places you can visit
cities of art like Verona / Mantova / Brescia / Sabbioneta, with shuttle bus alone or with shuttle bus + bike.
Guests can reserve
evening outings in the towns around Lake Garda, with night transfer service to clubs and nightlife resorts till late in the night.
Transfer from/to airport, national railway station.
Places worth exploring
the Mountains that surround the Lake, with shuttle bus service to places like Mount Baldo – Valpolicella – Lessina – Sabbia Valley – Val Vestino, excursions on foot or bicycle.
Cultural trips
to the local Museums.